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  1. EHRI-ET-JMP018_01.jpg
    Isaak Berner
    Jewish Museum in Prague, Documents of Persecution, inv. no 80. Original in German.
    Testimony of Isaak Berner, which became a part of the “documentation campaign” in Prague. Berner describes the beginning of the Nazi occupation in Riga and the persecution of Jews that followed. In October 1941, Jews from Riga were forced to moved…
  2. EHRI-ET-DEGOB0005_01.jpg
    1945-06-18 | National Committee for Attending Deportees (DEGOB)
    Hungarian Jewish Archives, DEGOB, Protocol no. 5. Original in Hungarian.
    Testimony of the 31-year-old B.E. on ghettoization in Nagyvárad/Oradea in 1944, her attempts to escape, looting and torture committed by the Hungarian gendarmerie, her deportation to and experiences in Auschwitz, slave labor in Riga and Magdeburg,…
  3. EHRI-ET-ZIH3010081_01.jpg
    1945 | Lila Wowsi
    Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, Holocaust Survivor Testimonies (coll. 301), Lila Wowsi Testimony (301/81). Original in Polish.
    Testimony of Ela Wowsi regarding the establishment of the Daugavpils Ghetto in July 1941, the liquidation actions in 1942, the mass executions during the final liquidation of the ghetto, and her imprisonment in the German concentration camps in Toruń…
  4. EHRI-ET-YV3549213_01.jpg
    Yad Vashem Archives, The Ball-Kaduri Collection: Contemporary testimonies and reports regarding the Holocaust of the Jews of Germany and Central Europe, 1943-1960 (O.1), file no. 3549213.Original in German.
    Letter from Johanna Rosenthal, a survivor of the Jewish community in Potsdam, describing her deportation along with most of the community members to the Riga Ghetto, and some to the Kaiserwald, Stutthof, Salaspils, Bergen-Belsen, and probably…
  5. EHRI-ET-YV5082493_01.jpg
    Yad Vashem Archives, Questionnaires filled out by children in the Foehrenwald DP camp, 1945-1946 (M.1), file no. 5082493.Original in English.
    Questionnaire filled out by Sonja Holz (a child born in Vilna, Poland, in 1929) in Wolfratshausen the DP camp, about her experiences in the Vilna Ghetto, in Riga at the Kaiserwald camp, in Strassenhof working in an ammunitions factory, at Stutthof,…