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  1. EHRI-ET-JMP010_01.jpg
    1945-11 | Hermann Przewoznik | Zeilsheim
    Jewish Museum in Prague, Documents of Persecution, inv. no 80. Original in Czech.
    Extensive testimony of Przewoznik, Fuchs, and Schwarzwald, three former Polish prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp, which was written in the DP camp Zeilsheim near Frankfurt am Main by co-workers of the “documentation campaign” in Prague.…
  2. EHRI-ET-ZIH3010002_01.jpg
    1944-09-04 | Dwojra Szczucińska
    Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, Holocaust Survivor Testimonies (coll. 301), Dwojra Szczucińska Testimony (301/2). Original in Polish.
    Testimony of Dwojra Szczuczyńska on the “Hotel Polski affair”, a Gestapo trap resulting in the death of about 3000 Jews who left their hiding places on the “Aryan side”, with specific reference to the role of Lolek Skosowski, a Gestapo agent.
  3. EHRI-ET-WL16560946_01.jpg
    The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide, Eyewitness testimony Collection (coll. 1656), 946. Original in German.
    Statement of Erna Meyer about the murder of her brother Alfred, a dentist who was harassed by a leading Nazi, also a dentist, even before 1933. In 1933 the brother voluntarily went into police custody for a few weeks as persecution got worse. He then…
  4. EHRI-ET-YV5245989_01.jpg
    Yad Vashem Archives, The Ball-Kaduri Collection: Contemporary testimonies and reports regarding the Holocaust of the Jews of Germany and Central Europe, 1943-1960 (O.1), file no. 5245989.Original in German.
    Report by the couple Rosa and Koppel Friedfertig from Hamburg about their experiences during the “Polenaktion” in 1938, the forced eviction of Jews with Polish citizenship from Germany to Poland, with a description of the living conditions in the…