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  1. EHRI-ET-DEGOB0090_01.jpg
    1945-06-23 | National Committee for Attending Deportees (DEGOB) | Birkenau
    Hungarian Jewish Archives, DEGOB, Protocol no. 90. Original in Hungarian.
    Testimony of the 21-year-old E.G. on economic sanctions and discrimination before the German occupation, ghettoization in Nagyszőllős/Vinohradov, the behavior of the non-Jewish population, the deportation to and selection in Birkenau, his experiences…
  2. EHRI-ET-ZIH3011116_01.jpg
    1945-10-31 | Ryszard Weidman
    Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, Holocaust Survivor Testimonies (coll. 301), Ryszard Weidman Testimony (301/1116). Original in Polish.
    Testimony of Ryszard Weidman, a child who was with his mother in the Warsaw Ghetto. He was smuggled out to the “Aryan side” where he hid with strangers, with his aunt and uncle coming to visit. After the defeat of the Warsaw Uprising, he and his aunt…
  3. EHRI-ET-ZIH3010481_01.jpg
    1945 | Ela Rozenberg
    Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, Holocaust Survivor Testimonies (coll. 301), Ela Rozenberg Testimony (301/481). Original in Polish.
    Testimony of Ela Rozenberg on the deportations of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto and the transport to the Treblinka extermination camp. After the selection, she was assigned to sort the clothes of the murdered Jews and to bury their bodies.
  4. EHRI-ET-WL16560413_01.jpg
    The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide, Eyewitness testimony Collection (coll. 1656), 413. Original in German and English (summary page).
    Testimony of Emil Carlebach, a communist activist from a prominent rabbinical family. He was instrumental in the resistance in Buchenwald. Carlebach describes corruption amongst the guards, how political prisoners gained a certain control over the…
  5. EHRI-ET-ZIH3010005_01.jpg
    1944-09-05 | Warsaw
    JHI, 301, Relacja Karola Tajgmana (301/5) Original in Yiddish.
    Testimony of Karol Tajgman regarding the liquidation action in the Warsaw Ghetto and his deportation to the Treblinka extermination camp, from which he escaped during the revolt.
  6. EHRI-ET-ZIH3010107_01.jpg
    1945 | Siemiatycze
    JHI, 301, Relacja Rafaela Kirszenbluma (301/107) Original in Yiddish.
    Testimony of Rafael Kirszenblum on the Siemiatycze Ghetto, which was established in July 1942. A few months later, the first liquidation action took place. He escaped to a partisan unit in the forests. The second liquidation action at Siemiatycze was…